Once every couple of weeks I get asked from clients that have been burnt by “SEO Experts” why they should trust me? Isn’t SEO a scam anyway?

… My answer to that question is NO, and there are a lot of very reputable companies out there delivering amazing results on a daily basis, (including ours).

…. So how do you avoid falling into these SEO death traps and these bad seo companies pretending to be an “SEO Guru”?

Education and understanding the basics can save your business thousands of $$$$ and years wasted.

To simplify things, I have written up my top 5 things to look for when trying to avoid an SEO scam and get perfect seo services inc and avoid being burnt;

#1.) Unrealistic Guarantees.

Here at Insiteful, many of our clients in the top position(s), for their desired keywords, and do I guarantee this on day 1 or within the first 24 hours of signing on? No chance!

To get clients to top ranking positions can take MONTHS, and I have no way of controlling whether or not I can keep them there either once getting them there.

… So be aware of the “SEO Expert” that is going to overpromise, as they will always – under deliver.

#2.) Offering Freebies

As the Joker says in the dark night “If you’re good at something, never do it for free… ”.

If an SEO company offers you a free trial, alarm bells should be ringing. SEO takes a lot of hard work – over an ongoing period of time. Anyone willing to do this for free is probably not going to be delivering the results you really want, or need.

Also, if you are handing over access to your hosting account, don’t do this to someone you do not trust and are not going to have a long-term business relationship with.

#3.) Avoid companies that take ownership of your website or content

I do not understand this.

When one of my long-term business acquaintances said his website belonged to the SEO agency who had done work on the site.

Anything you pay for, any work you pay to have done, once the work has been completed should belong to you.

Make sure when you sign off on any agreements with SEO agencies that they do not claim ownership of the work being conducted.

This opens the doors to the content being held or even sold to competitors within your industry.

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#4.) Undisclosed or secret SEO Strategies

Any legitimate SEO company should be able to explain what the SEO strategy is they are using for you, along with forecasting the results that should be expected.

Something we are big on here at my agency is transparency and end of month reporting. Always make sure you’re getting an end of month report.

( … Even though sometimes the best strategies can just be based on a gut instinct). Hence, separating the experts from the pretenders.

#5.) Insider Knowledge Claims

There are many companies who claim to know someone at Google and have insider information about the formulas being used.

Many employees at Google do not know all the exact details of the algorithm, so it is pretty unlikely someone on the outside would know.

The only insider knowledge for a great SEO professional is based on ongoing experimentation, industry experience and research.


To test a potential SEO company before signing onto a contract with their search engine optimisation packages consider the following;

• Ask for a testimonial from a reputable ongoing customer.
• Look for someone with a history in the industry and that is well known and regarded.
• Learn as much as you can about the do’s and don’ts and do not be afraid to ask some hard questions.
• Asking for an audit is another great way to get a feel for their skill level.
• Be clear on your budget and what you want to achieve. (don’t waste your money, if you’re spending less than $1,000 a month – you will get nowhere).


Hope this helps!

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